National service Scheme

Was member of National Service Scheme (NSS), under Xavier institute of Engineering,
University of Mumbai—06/2019-06/2021

  • Actively volunteered in NSS, dedicating time to participate in social events focused on critical issues such as girl child empowerment, pollution control, and environmental conservation.

  • Took part in rallies, advocating for education, cleanliness, and vaccines in underserved rural areas, contributing to community awareness and well-being.

  • Delivered educational lectures on topics related to hygiene and the importance of blood donation, aiming to educate and raise awareness among local communities.

  • Organized and actively participated in blood donation camps, ensuring a stable and crucial supply of blood for medical emergencies.

  • Engaged in environmental initiatives, including tree plantation drives and beach cleaning activities, fostering a sense of responsibility toward environmental conservation.

  • Provided valuable support to underprivileged children through teaching assistance and mentoring, offering guidance and educational assistance to promote their overall development.


 India Immersion Program conducted by Santa Clara University,
California, USA—07/2018




I volunteered to assist in orchestrating the event, ensuring its smooth execution. Not only did we meticulously manage the event logistics, but we also warmly hosted them, offering a glimpse into our culture through a captivating cultural dance performance. Additionally, I extended hospitality by making them feel at home, fostering an enriching and memorable experience during their stay.

Dance and formals committee of College fest Spandan at Xavier Institute of
Engineering, Mumbai—06/2018-06/2019

As a member of the Dance and Formals Committee, I played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of various events. I meticulously organized and supervised the events, catering to the needs of influencers and participants alike. My responsibilities included liaising with influencers, extending invitations to participants, and overseeing the overall coordination to guarantee the success of each event.


National Assessment And Accredited
Council (NAAC), University of MumbaI—09/2019 India Immersion Program conducted by Santa Clara University,
California, USA—07/2018